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Welcome to Howcrafts – a marketplace for DIY resources and DIY printables! Are you a designer, a hobbyst or a artisan? Do you want to start your own DIY printables store and start selling to the world? Join our Howcrafts community!


How It Works?

When you sell an item on, the total purchase price is made up of your item price plus Howcrafts’ fee to the buyer. You earn your item price as you desire.  The more you sell, the more you earn. As simple as that! Our authors have the ability to charge for further customisation to a piece of digital resource. Our authors can also offer different packages for each item to encourage sales.



On listing

Howcrafts do not charge for listing. We welcome all designers and artisans to share or sell their resources to other DIY enthusiasts via our marketplace.

Of your selling price

Authors will receive the price that they desired for sales of their items. Instead, a small fee is charged to our buyers for purchasing a piece of work from our community of designers and artisans.

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